Philippines National Policy

Sunset in the Philippines. © CI/photo by Sterling Zumbrunn
Sunset in the Philippines.
© CI/photo by Sterling Zumbrunn
Ecosystem-based adaptation

CI is an advisor and partner to national government agencies that work in developing and implementing the country’s climate change initiatives and engage in international climate discussions. As such, CI provides technical advice to promote ecosystem-based adaptation strategy and tools from vulnerability assessment  up to action plan development,  implementation of project components, monitoring and periodic assessment of adaptation investments in the country.

Policy development and capacity building of national agencies mandated with climate adaptation roles are pursued through direct assistance to the Climate Change Commission, the National Agriculture and Fisheries Council under the Department of Agriculture, Department of Environment and Natural Resources and the National Economic and Development Authority.

Through continued engagement with national decision-makers, technical information and results of the pilot projects are being disseminated to local decision-makers and resource managers toward replication of ecosystem-based adaptation initiatives in other parts of the country.

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