Mount Nimba Reed Frog

Mount Nimba Reed Frog. © Ngoran Germain Kouame
© Ngoran Germain Kouame

Hyperolius nimbae

A view of Hyperolius nimbae revealing its red legs.

The Mount Nimba reed frog (Hyperolius nimbae) is known only from lowlands on the south-eastern foot of Mount Nimba in Cote d'Ivoire. It may occur in Guinea and Liberia but this has never been confirmed. With its bright reddish limbs this frog is highly conspicuous and so probably inhabits a very small range: It would have been seen if it were more widely spread.

After 43 years, it has been rediscovered by Dr. N'goran Germaine Kouame in a swampy field in Danipleu, an Ivorian village near the Liberia border.

Hyperolius nimbae lives in clearings of lowland forest and calls at the edge of large swamps, in which it probably breeds. Although part of Mount Nimba is protected as the Mount Nimba Strict Nature Reserve (which was added to the list of World Heritage Sites in 1981) the site is urgently in need of stricter protection, particularly given that it represents the only known site of several highly threatened species.

PRESS RELEASE: Learn more about the rediscovery of this species.

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