Omaniundu Reed Frog

Omaniundu Reed Frog.  © Jos Keilgast
© Jos Kielgast

Hyperolius sankuruensis

Until this rediscovery there had been no recent records; presumably due to lack of herpetological work within its range.

Discovered originally in 1979, this species was rediscovered in a remote area of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. It is believed to occur widely in the southern Congo basin but this has not been verified.

With its impressive camouflage, this frog rests during the day and is only active late at night  – making it extremely difficult to find. Its call is short and infrequent but Jos Kielgast, a student at the University of Copenhagen, searched for hours in the flooded forest along a tributary of the Congo River.

There is no information on the habitat and ecological requirements of this species, which presumably breeds in water.

PRESS RELEASE: Learn more about the rediscovery of this species.

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