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 African Painted Frog

Reproduced in Evolution Vol 18, No. 3 (Sept 1964) pp. 458-467
Callixalus pictus, Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda

This species is found in the Itombwe and Kabobo highlands of eastern Democratic Republic of Congo and the mountains of western Rwanda. It resides in high-altitude forests, especially bamboo forest. By day, it hides in broken bamboo stems several meters off the ground; where bamboo is scarce, it hides between bark and moss covering tree trunks. There is no information on its breeding behaviors, but it is presumed to breed in water.

The species' remaining habitat is severely fragmented, and the extent of its forest habitat in the Albertine Rift mountains is declining. Although the species has not been recorded since 1950, this is presumably due to lack of fieldwork within its range. No photographs exist of the species; surveys are urgently needed to determine the current status of the species.

Status: not seen since 1950, listed as Vulnerable by IUCN Red List

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