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 Sambas stream toad

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Ansonia latidisca, Indonesia and Malaysia

Only two specimens of the Sambas stream toad have been recorded. These were found in two separate locations on the island of Borneo: Mount Damus, Kalimantan (Indonesia), and Mount Penrissen, in western Sarawak (Malaysia).

No photographs exist of this species. If it still exists, the remaining suitable habitat within its range has been almost entirely converted for recreational use (one of the two known sites, Mount Penrissen, was recently made into a golf course), or agricultural land.

Logging could also play a role in species decline; the practice increases the sedimentation of streams and deteriorates breeding habitat. Effective preservation of hilly rainforest in the regions of the two known localities is essential for the preservation of this and other species.

Status: last seen over 50 years ago, listed as Endangered by IUCN Red List

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