CI's 6 initiatives

Without thriving ecosystems, we cannot guarantee a stable climate, accessible fresh water and sufficient food, limited threats to human health, rich cultural diversity and the innumerable unknown benefits that nature provides. In short, people need nature to thrive.

CI focuses on these key areas of human needs because they illustrate the deep links between humanity and nature, maximize the impact of CI's experience and expertise, and demonstrate the importance of taking a coordinated local, regional and global approach.

CI seeks to address all of these efforts simultaneously and transform our greatest challenges into the greatest opportunity of our time.

  • Climate Change

    Climate change is one of the greatest environmental issues of our time and we need to act quickly to prevent irreversible damage to our planet. CI is demonstrating the important role that ecosystems can play in mitigating and adapting to climate change impacts. Learn more »

  • Fresh Water

    Water security is the reliable availability and quality of fresh water at the times and places where it is needed to meet the needs of people and other life on Earth. To achieve water security, CI's strategy targets the protection and restoration of the sources and flows of fresh water.  Learn more »

  • Health

    To support health security, CI focuses on valuing natural ecosystems in terms of health costs and vulnerability to natural disasters, disease emergence, disease incidence and transmission and nature's known and undiscovered contributions to medicine. Learn more »

  • Food

    CI supports food security by ensuring wild harvests, conserving the ability of ecosystems to support productivity in agricultural areas, and resolving unsustainable resource and land use practices. Learn more »

  • Culture

    Landscapes, seascapes and species have played a fundamental role in science, arts, recreation and religion. CI works to help secure these services and the economic benefits they provide.Learn more »

  • Biodiversity

    Biodiversity conservation provides substantial benefits to meet immediate human needs, such as those for clean, consistent water flows; protection from floods and storms; and a stable climate. Learn more »