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 Phoenix Islands Protected Area Expedition

Collecting sea jellies while blue water diving.  © Michael Aw
During the month of September, 2009, a team of 16 people set sail to study the ocean habitat of the Phoenix Islands and document the underwater life.  Follow along on their adventure and discover this unique, pristine wilderness.
Republic of Kiribati
Learn the who, what, where and why of the expedition.
The team is blogging from sea!  Read their daily correspondence to follow the expedition from your home.
See where the team explored and learn more about the area.
Get to know the people and organizations participating in this endeavor.
Top photo:  Greg Stone, Larry Madin and others blue water diving, a technique to study pelagic invertebrates. We will be conducting the first surveys ever of these important open ocean invertebrates in the phoenix islands.  Divers are over very deep ocean water (>15,0000 feet), the are suspended, as if in space, and tethered so they don't drift away. In this photo they are collecting sea jellies, siphonophores, and salps. © Michael Aw.  Second to top photo: © Brian Skerry/National Geographic Magazine
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