Discovering Species

The Goal

RAP species goal counter

Good news!  We have almost reached our first goal of doubling the number of species discovered!  RAP teams have uncovered over 1,300 species new to science in the course of 80 RAP surveys. These discoveries help us understand the ecosystems that we share with these species and what we need to do to keep them thriving, for all our sakes. 

IN PHOTOS: View a gallery of some of the most notable species RAP has found — and learn how their discovery benefits humanity.

Many of the still un-described species out there may be beneficial to man and important for conservation. CI and collaborating scientists will ramp up our search in the unexplored reaches of our planet to find and name these species.

The rate of species extinctions is accelerating. Even as species discoveries are made, other plants and animals are disappearing from our planet, never to be known. The first step of conservation is to gain knowledge of what is living there.  We need to act now to save these species before it is too late.

Expeditions and research will take place all over the world; on land, in freshwater and within marine ecosystems.

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