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 Expeditions and Discovery

Griffiniana sp1, found in a small area of the Western Cape, a province of South Africa. © Piotr Naskrecki
The race is on to find and describe species before it’s too late. Get to know some of the many species we've discovered so far.
The Rapid Assessment Program

Twenty years of field study in some of the least-known wildernesses left on Earth have led to many of the most remarkable biological discoveries of the past two decades, and helped communities, businesses, and nations make smarter development decisions about land and water use.

About our work

We share our planet with millions of incredible species. CI and collaborating scientists race against time to find, name, and protect these species.

Where we explore

To identify the best sites to explore, we start with consultations with expert scientists, who generally know which places have been explored and where the gaps in data are.

Dispatches from the field

The closest you can get to untouched wilderness from your home computer, CI's dispatches from the field take you into the action as it's happening. Be the first to hear about amazing discoveries and see species new to science direct from the researchers and photographers in the field.

How we discover

Discovering a species new to science is not an easy task. It takes the dedication of many scientists travelling to very remote areas for extended periods of time.

What we've found

Meet a few of the many species new to science that we've discovered in the remote places of the earth and sea. From invertebrates to birds to mammals and more, we know there are more out there.

Human benefits

Species are a critical component of all healthy ecosystems. The discovery of species new to science provides many benefits to humans.

Get involved

So the Race is find and describe species before it’s too late. If we let these species go extinct, we all lose out on the unique and miraculous gifts they provide.

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Biodiversity Exploration for Conservation
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