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 The Great Turtle Race

From Canada to the Caribbean and South America, 11 turtles raced across the Atlantic Ocean with the support of sponsors, coaches, and fans. Learn more about the 2009 Great Turtle Race and how you can help threatened sea turtles.
We Have a Winner!
Learn and take action with these tips on how you can make the ocean a safer and healthier place for leatherbacks and all marine life.  You can also make a donation to protect and ensure healthy oceans, forests and river ecosystems to provide the clean air, fresh water and food on which humans (and turtles!) depend. 
Pearl Jam challenged you to support sea turtle conservation by donating in the name of your favorite turtle and you answered! Backspacer is the winner of the challenge, but you can still make a donation today and know that your support will help real leatherbacks thrive.
Relive the action from daily posts during the race by sponsors, coaches and scientists.
Get to know the intrepid racers and their sponsors and coaches, as well as the organizations that make the race possible.
Learn how the Great Race came to be and review some highlights of spokesturtle Mr. Leatherback's coverage of the race, including photos, videos and tips to save sea turtles.
Vote for your turtle with a donation.
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