Coral Triangle Initiative

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Conservation International's Support to the Coral Triangle Initiative

The Coral Triangle is the center of marine biodiversity and home to more than 350 million people. One-third of the population relies directly on marine and coastal resources for its food and livelihood.

Located along the equator at the confluence of the Western Pacific and Indian oceans, the Coral Triangle region encompasses the Exclusive Economic Zones of Indonesia, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, the Philippines, the Solomon Islands, and Timor-Leste. These countries are responsible for managing use and access to marine resources within their waters.

In 2007 the governments of the Coral Triangle established the Coral Triangle Initiative for Coral Reefs, Fisheries and Food Security (CTI-CFF or CTI). This government-led initiative focused on a set of five goals: Seascapes, Ecosystem Approach to Fisheries Management (EAFM), Marine Protected Areas (MPAs), Climate Change Adaptation (CCA), and Threatened Species.

Protecting ocean resources for people to thrive

Conservation International (CI) is a leading force in marine conservation around the world. Since 2007, CI has invested over $9.5 million in support of the Coral Triangle Initiative.

As a multi-governmental, multilateral initiative that links environment to economic prosperity and human well-being, the Coral Triangle Initiative represents a unique opportunity for CI to work with essential partners, replicating and amplifying successes beyond field demonstration sites. During the first five years of CI's support to the CTI, work focused on combining the best available science with traditional knowledge to find solutions to challenges facing the region. In the next five years CI will build on these experiences to accomplish broad, long-lasting results across the region.

CI works with governments, communities and other stakeholders to inspire them to achieve sustainable change. Following the first guiding principle of the CTI - "Support people-centered biodiversity conservation, sustainable development, poverty reduction and equitable benefit sharing" - our focus is on increasing the ability of people to manage the marine ecosystem for their improved well-being in the long term.

Uniquely positioned

Since 1987, CI has worked to promote responsible governance in the Coral Triangle. Lessons learned from these experiences show the need for integrated management that is low-cost and high-impact. CI's support to the CTI incorporates these values, with an emphasis on sustainability.

As a trusted advisor, CI's guidance has been requested by partners, communities and governments alike. This role allows CI to work across fields and at multiple levels. Connecting regional efforts to those in-country and ensuring that national successes feed back into regional work creates momentum for long-term change.

To read more about this unique initiative, download the strategy here: Conservation International's Support to the Coral Triangle Initiative​ (PDF)

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