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 The 17th Conference of the Parties to the UNFCCC

Local women weaving in South Africa. © CI/Photo by John Martin
In Durban, we have an opportunity to address one of the greatest challenges our world faces today in a way that acknowledges the important role that ecosystems can play in mitigating and adapting to climate change impacts.
Durban, South Africa: Nov 28 – Dec 9, 2011
The U.N. climate talks in Durban are over. The conference closed with an agreement on critical issues, including:
  • the extension of the Kyoto Protocol, the only existing emissions reduction mechanism
  • the establishment of a Green Climate Fund to provide finance to developing nations
  • standards for REDD+ in which developing countries are compensated for keeping forests standing, thereby reducing emissions caused by deforestation
  • the creation of a Durban Platform for pursuing a comprehensive climate agreement in 2015, including all nations in the global effort to address the climate crisis.

Read CI's statement on the outcome of COP17   |   Read the final post in our COP17 blog series


Unless the global community takes immediate action to address climate change, people, ecosystems and all life on Earth face irreversible harm. Because climate change is a global challenge, climate solutions will not be possible without robust and effective global action.

The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change convenes national governments to decide on the policies and actions that must be taken in order to address climate change, facilitating a coordinated, international approach. At last year's UNFCCC meeting in Cancun, world leaders agreed on a package of decisions called the "Cancun Agreements" (Download CI's analysis of the negotiations PDF - 121 KB). This was a historic step forward for international cooperation in addressing climate change. While the Cancun Agreements leave many important details for future discussion, they provide a framework for addressing all of the essential elements for comprehensive international action on climate change.

At the UNFCCC's 17th Conference of the Parties in Durban, South Africa, governments from every country on Earth have an important opportunity to build on the Cancun Agreements and make progress towards a comprehensive global climate agreement. Nations will need to address critical political issues such as the future of the Kyoto Protocol and post-2012 emission reduction commitments. COP 17 will also provide an important opportunity to bring the Cancun Agreements to life and support implementation of climate change adaptation and REDD+.

CI at COP17


Building on a solid foundation of climate science, field work and policy engagement, CI is working with governments in pursuit of an ambitious global climate agreement, emphasizing the role that natural ecosystems can play in dramatically cutting emissions and preserving the adaptive potential of our biosphere. Our climate work helps to ensure that participating world leaders and a diverse group of stakeholders have the best possible information and tools to inform their decisions.

In Durban, national delegations will be joined by indigenous groups, nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), the private sector and other decision-makers. CI staff members working in nearly 15 countries will participate in the meeting as both national representatives and observers to inform and advise governments and key stakeholders on important issues based on our field experience and scientific and policy expertise.

We hope to support the political process and development of policies in Durban in order to achieve these main goals:

  • Advancement towards comprehensive post-2012 climate agreement(s).
  • Progress on REDD+ that will enable countries to move forward with implementation and achievement of the goal to slow, halt and reverse forest cover and carbon loss. This includes a decision on sources of finance and guidance on safeguard information systems, reference levels and monitoring, measuring, reporting and verifying systems.
  • Agreement on the details that can bring the Cancun Adaptation Framework to life.
  • Operationalization of the Green Climate Fund and progress on identifying adequate, predictable and sustainable sources of finance.


See a list of CI delegates and presentations at COP17 »

Kim McCabe Media Director Mobile: (202)203-9927(in Durban)
Katrin Olson Director, Corporate Communications Mobile: (202) 549-3953(in Durban)
Patricia Yakabe Malentaqui International Media Manager Mobile: (571) 225-8345 (in Washington, D.C.)
Kevin Connor Media Manager Office: (703) 341-2405 (in Washington, D.C.)
Kelsey Rosenbaum Media Coordinator (703) 341-2853 (in Washington, D.C.)

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CI Experts »

Press Releases

December 11, 2011
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November 25, 2011
In Durban, Four Paths to Progress for Leaders Confronting Climate Change (en español | en français | em português)

November 9, 2011
Conservation International Enters into Groundbreaking Partnership with Althelia Climate Fund on REDD+ Investments

November 2, 2011
CI Joins Partnership to Improve Food Supply, Ecosystem Health and Human Development

September 7, 2011
Climate Change Threatens Billions of Dollars in Infrastructure Investment in Developing World

June 2, 2011
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March 24, 2011
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March 22, 2011
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February 23, 2011
75% of World's Coral Reefs Currently Under Threat, New Analysis Finds

February 2, 2011
The World's 10 Most Threatened Forest Hotspots

December 11, 2010
Nations Unite To Resolve Climate Challenge, the Path To Ending Deforestation Begins In Cancún

Blog Posts

December 12, 2011
Durban Agreement: Victory or Failure?

December 8, 2011
From Durban, With Urgency

December 6, 2011
Durban: The Business of Climate Adaptation

December 4, 2011
In Durban, Progress on Details for Climate Action

December 3, 2011
Durban Debrief: Midway Signs of Progress

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Promoting Natural Solutions for Climate Change Adaptation

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Climate Impacts Species and Communities in Papua New Guinea

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New Study: Climate Change and Civil Conflict

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Blue Carbon Strategy Takes Root in Indonesia

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First Workshop on Blue Carbon Policy Held at CI Headquarters

June 20, 2011
Climate Talks in Bonn Bring Underwhelming Results

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What the World Needs from the Bonn Climate Talks

January 26, 2011
How Can We Adapt to Extreme Weather Events?

December 13, 2010
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December 2, 2010
The Coast is Clear for Blue Carbon


SBSTA Submission on REDD+ (PDF - 162 KB)
Views on new market-based mechanisms: Using markets for the full implementation of REDD+ (PDF - 240 KB) (日本語 | en Español | en Français)
Setting reference levels for REDD+: some guidelines and principles (PDF - 131 KB)
Recommendations for forest carbon measuring, monitoring, reporting, and verifying guidance for REDD+ (PDF - 110KB) (en Français | 日本語 | en Español)


Adaptation Policy Brief (PDF - 424 KB)
Nairobi Work Program Submissions
Cambodia (PDF - 255 KB)
Colombia (PDF - 462 KB)
IKI (Brazil, Philippines, South Africa) (PDF - 420 KB)
Madagascar (PDF - 408 KB)


Green Climate Fund:

Policy Background: Sources of International Climate Finance (PDF - 904 KB)

Scientific Publications

Climate Change: Helping Nature Survive the Human Response
Stabilizing the agricultural frontier: Leveraging REDD with biofuels for sustainable development
Deforestation and CO2 Emissions in Coastal Tanzania from 1990 to 2007

CCBA Publications

REDD+ Social & Evironmental Standards (PDF - 370 KB); Español | Français | Português
CCB Standards (PDF - 370 KB); Español | Français | Português | Chinese | Japanese | Vietnamese
CCB Standards Factsheet (PDF - 615 KB)

Other Publications

CI Climate Strategy (PDF - 572 KB)
CI Climate Change Initiative FY11 Report (PDF - 716 KB)
REDD+ Lessons Learned (PDF - 1.78 MB)
Climate Change & the Role of Forests: A Community Manual (PDF - 21.8 MB)
Ecosystem-based Adaptation for Terrestrial, Marine and Coastal Regions (PDF - 2.6 KB)
OSIRIS-Indonesia: Decision Support Tool for National REDD+ Planning (PDF - 1.17 MB)

Interested in speaking with a CI Expert? Please contact our media team.

CI Delegation

Agus Suratno, CI-Indonesia
Agustin Silvani, Ecosystems Finance Division
Angela Andrade, CI-Colombia/IUCN
Artur Pavia, CI-Brazil
Benoit Kisuki, CI-Central Africa
Candido Pastor, CI-Bolivia
Carlos Manuel Rodriguez, Center for Conservation and Government
Claudio Schneider, CI-Peru
Eva Garen, Science and Knowledge
Frank Hawkins, Africa and Madagascar Division
Fred Boltz, Global Initiatives
Haja Rasambainarivo, IT
Helena Pavese, CI-Brazil
Jean-Philippe Palasi, CI-EU
Jennifer Morris, Ecosystem Finance and Markets
Joanna Durbin, Climate, Community and Biodiversity Alliance
Johnson Cerda, Center for Conservation and Government
Jonah Busch, Science and Knowledge
Kana Yamashita, CI-Japan
Katrin Olson, CELB
Kim McCabe, Global Marketing + Communications
Mario Chacon, Science and Knowledge
Milagros Sandoval, CI-Peru
Niels Crone, Chief Operating Officer
Peter Seligmann, Chief Executive Officer
Preeya Rampersaud, CI-Guyana
Radhika Dave, Science and Knowledge
Rebecca Chacko, Center for Conservation & Government
Ricardo Ulate, CI-Costa Rica
Russ Mittermeier, President
Sarah Frazee, Conservation South Africa
Sarshen Marais, Conservation South Africa
Steve Panfil, Science and Knowledge

CI and Partner Events


Addressing REDD+ Social and Environmental Standards: Experiences using REDD+ SES and other mechanisms
Co-hosted by Conservation International and the Government of Ecuador, this event presents how Ecuador, Nepal, Acre (Brazil) and partners including national CSOs, CCBA and CARE are addressing and providing information on REDD+ social and environmental safeguards as well as enhancing multiple benefits, using REDD+ SES with other safeguard mechanisms eg. UN-REDD, FCPF.
CI, Ecuador Government, CARE, CCBA, FECOFUN, UN-REDD
CI Presenter: Joanna Durbin
Time: 18:30-20:00
Location: TBA


Multi-Stakeholder Collaboration to Reinforce Adaptation Opportunities for African Pastoral Peoples
In support of the Cancun Adaptation Framework, the Chadian Ministry of Water and IPACC convene a multi-stakeholder dialogue on climatic events, local knowledge and African pastoral peoples. How can meteorologists, communities and policy-makers jointly reinforce adaptation policy and practice?
Indigenous People of Africa Coordinating Committee (IPACC)
CI Presenter: Johnson Cerda
Time: 21:15 – 21:45
Location: TBA


Forest Day
Get the official program schedule for Forest Day.
You must register through the Forest Day organizers to attend.
Time: All Day
Location: Olive Convention Center, Durban

Forest Day Discussion Forum: How is REDD+ unfolding on the ground? An exploration of the social, political, and biophysical issues Learn more about this event.
CI Focal Point: Steve Panfil
Time: 11:00 – 12:30

Forest Day Discussion Forum: Social Safeguards: protecting the rights and interests of Indigenous Peoples and forest-dependent communities in REDD+ Learn more about this event.
CCBA Panelist: Joanna Durbin
Time: 15:45 – 17:15

World Climate Summit
WCS provides a platform for business-focused climate change solutions and ensures boardroom support for projects necessary to drive the green economy forward, while also mitigating climate change and promote climate adaptation. The two-day summit supports an active community of global leaders and dealmakers as they develop new business models, broker public-private partnerships, scale projects, transfer technologies, and establish replicable financing mechanisms. Learn more about and register for this event.
Location: Southern Sun Elangeni

World Climate Summit Panel: Climate Smart Agriculture
Climate-smart agriculture has the potential to address the urgent needs of food security and to help address climate change. What production systems are being used by farmers to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, adapt to climate change, and reduce vulnerability?
CSA Panelist: Sarah Frazee
Time: 10:30 – 11:15

World Climate Summit Panel: Forests
Forests are key in delivering a fair,equitable and prosperous economy and environment. What new financial and business mechanisms can be put in place to ensure that forests thrive in an era of global green growth?
CI Panelist: Peter Seligmann, CEO
Time: 13:30 – 14:30


Fresh Thinking Session: The Business of Adaptation
This event will discuss the role of business in adaptation – sharing experiences from Woolworths and Citigroup and how they support adaptation. Panelists will discuss further ideas for areas where business and government can work together to address climate change.
CI Speaker: Peter Seligmann, CEO
Time: 8:00 – 10:30
Location: The Oasis (Durban Jewish Center)


Fresh Thinking Session: Payment for Ecosystem Services
This event is a discussion for business and government to learn from country experiences of Payment for Ecosystem Services (PES), particularly to guide policy in South Africa for a National PES mechanism as well as to learn about pilots. Facilitated by Carlos Manuel Rodriguez from Costa Rica, where PES is a national program.
CI Presenter: Carlos Manuel Rodriguez
Time: 17:00 – 19:00
Location: The Oasis (Durban Jewish Center)

The World Climate Summit 2011 (WCS): December 3-4, Southern Sun Elangeni, Hotel, Durban, South Africa, is the largest international business conference during the UNFCCC COP17. The two-day summit supports an active community of 500 global business, finance, and government leaders as they develop solutions for the global green economy. For more information please go to

Climate Action Programme: Produced in Partnership with UNEP, Climate Action is a platform for governments, industry, inter¬national opinion leaders, distinguished academics and environmentalists to debate the business case for climate change solutions. The publication and associated events provide concrete steps that both gov¬ernments and business can take to reduce carbon footprints through ongoing dialogue and dedicated actions.

Adaptation Hub: The Adaptation Hub supports progress in the adaptation negotiations at COP 17 by providing a forum for discussing and debating the adaptation issues under negotiation, and by making available an accessible and coordinated entry point to information on adaptation events and publications.

Experts at COP 17

Fred Boltz
Senior Vice President Global Initiatives and Climate Change Lead

Talk to me about: climate change, adaption and mitigation, payment for ecosystem services, REDD, economics, sustainable development
Languages: English, French, Spanish

Contact me

Carlos Manuel Rodriguez
Vice President for International Policy

Talk to me about: expert on REDD+ Policy, Institutions and Markets
Languages: English, Spanish

Contact me

Rebecca (Becky) Chacko
Senior Director, Climate Policy

Talk to me about: international climate policy, UNFCCC, REDD+ Policy, Adaptation Policy, Finance Policy, Agriculture & Climate Change Policy
Languages: English, Spanish

Contact me

Ricardo Ulate
Regional Climate Change Advisor, Mexico and Central America Field Division

Talk to me about: REDD, international climate policy
Languages: English, Spanish

Contact me

Sarshen Marais
Director Policy and Markets

Talk to me about: policy work on adaptation, sustainable land use practices and REDD; water management and Payments for ecosystem services, private sector engagements
Languages: English

Contact me

Sarah Frazee
CEO, Conservation South Africa (CI local affiliate)

Talk to me about: South Africa's environment and its role in climate change mitigation and adaptation; South Africa’s Green Economy Strategy and demonstration projects; Sustainable agriculture production and climate change in South Africa
Languages: English

Contact me

Angela Andrade
Director Environmental Policy

Talk to me about: climate change, adaptation, sustainable development
Languages: English, Spanish

Contact me

Johnson Cerda
Indigenous Advisor, Indigenous and Traditional Peoples

Talk to me about: indigenous issues, rural communities, Global Indigenous Caucus on Climate Change, Latin American indigenous peoples
Languages: English, Spanish

Contact me

Joanna Durbin
Director, Climate, Community & Biodiversity Alliance

Talk to me about: social and environmental safeguards/standards for REDD+
Languages: English, French

Contact me

Milagros Sandoval
Environmental Policy Coordinator, CI Peru

Talk to me about: REDD+, stakeholder engagement processes, legal and institutional arrangements, subnational readiness, FPIC
Languages: Spanish, English

Contact me

Preeya Rampersaud
Environmental Policy Coordinator, Guyana

Talk to me about: UNFCCC, REDD+
Languages: English

Contact me

Free De Koning
Technical Manager, CI Ecuador

Talk to me about: the Ecuadorian Socio Bosque program, REDD+, Social and Environmental Standards for REDD+, vulnerability and adaptation in Galapagos
Languages: English, Spanish, Dutch

Contact me

Kana Yamashita
Manager, Climate Security Program, CI Japan

Talk to me about: REDD+, Safeguards, Partnership for developing REDD+ initiatives with developed/developing countries, Public-Private sector parntership
Languages: Japanese, English

Contact me

Jonah Bush
Climate and Forest Economist

Talk to me about: REDD+; Reference Levels
Languages: English, French

Contact me

Steven Panfil
Technical Advisor, REDD+ Initiatives

Talk to me about: Implementing REDD+ on the ground
Languages: English, Spanish

Contact me

CI's Dispatches from Durban

CI's experts discuss their work, expectations, and potential opportunities at the climate talks in our "Room for Progress" series.

Sarshen Marais Contact me

Milagros Sandoval Contact me

Joanna Durbin Contact me

Tessa Mildenhall

Preeya Rampersaud Contact me

Conservation South Africa

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