New Logo for a New Mission

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Conservation International (CI) is expanding the scope and scale of our work across the planet in order to tackle the toughest environmental issues of our time. We've changed our mission, vision and strategy – and now we're changing our logo.


"Our new logo represents our new mission and strategy, and – most importantly – our vision of a healthy blue planet supported by a sustainable, green development path."
- Peter Seligmann, Chairman and
CEO of Conservation International

CI's Evolution

When CI was founded in 1987, we focused on working with communities to protect species and prevent habitat destruction in tropical countries facing the greatest threats to biodiversity. The old logo's tropical forest, wildlife and hut were a good illustration of this work.

PHOTO: CI's old logo

Fast forward 23 years: We are continuing our efforts to protect species and their habitats, but they represent only one facet of our work.

Our new mission builds on a strong foundation of science, partnership and field demonstration to empower societies to responsibly and sustainably care for nature for the well-being of humanity. To that end, CI is focused on six global initiatives: climate change, food security, freshwater security, human health, cultural services and biodiversity protection.

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Today, CI has offices in 31 countries, and works with thousands of partners in 40 more on a wide range of projects. In the Pacific Islands, field staff are working with island nation governments to secure the protection of one of the largest marine territories in the world: the Pacific Oceanscape. Our Center for Environmental Leadership in Business (CELB) is helping major corporations green their supply chains and commit to ecosystem protection. In Tanzania, biologists from CI and partners are examining the connections between natural ecosystems and farming practices to inform agricultural development. And at climate change meetings from Copenhagen to Cancun, CI policy experts are supporting world leaders as they pursue a comprehensive international climate change agreement.

MAP: Where CI Works

A Healthy Blue Planet Supported by a Green Development Path

The new logo reflects CI's growing realization that we need to do more. Success will only be achieved when government officials, business leaders, local community members and other decision-makers around the world are aware of the deep-rooted connections between nature and human well-being – and the trade-offs inherent in their decisions. Perhaps most importantly, we must prove that development models that preserve biodiversity are not only possible, but essential. 

CI's new iconic logo is a modern, unmistakable graphic that represents the breadth and scale of our efforts, both on land and at sea, and the kind of international collaboration needed to help societies move toward a more sustainable economic model. It represents what we hope to achieve: a healthy blue planet supported by a green development path. The successes that have defined CI for years have resolved themselves into this great, blue circle of life; our markets, policy work and public engagement endeavors are charting a new, green path that incorporates these efforts.

People simply cannot exist without healthy ecosystems. Under this new logo, CI will continue to expand our efforts to make conservation a cornerstone of economic development to benefit everyone, everywhere.

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