Marine Flagship Species Program

Critically endangered small Hawksbill Sea Turtle (Eretmochelys imbricata) camouflaged against rocks, Coral Sea, Queensland, Australia.
© Fred Bavendam/Minden Pictures

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Sea turtles have swum Earth’s oceans for over 110 million years.  They have weathered drastic ecological change, endured the fall of the dinosaurs, and witnessed the dawn of our own species.  Now, because of human conduct, they are threatened with extinction. 

Among the most highly migratory animals on Earth, sea turtles are bellwethers for the condition of the world’s marine environments; they are found in almost all major oceans, frequent diverse habitats, and face the same threats that jeopardize not only other marine species, but entire marine ecosystems.

Sea turtles are fascinating, charismatic, and highly visible, beloved around the world for their ancient beauty and grace.  The Sea Turtle Flagship Program (STFP) was founded in 2004 in order to harness sea turtles’ iconic value to inspire and engage diverse communities in marine conservation.  STFP combines excellent science with creative outreach campaigns to safeguard global sea turtle populations and habitats. 

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