Conservation Leadership Programme

Students measuring stream parameters and cataloging fish species. © Robin Kurian Abraham
Students measuring stream parameters and cataloging fish species.
© Robin Kurian Abraham
The Conservation Leadership Programme (CLP) aims to promote the development of future leaders and provide them with the capacity to address the most pressing conservation issues of our time.

The CLP is a partnership between Conservation International, Birdlife International, Fauna & Flora International and the Wildlife Conservation Society. CLP partners share a common concern for and commitment to the natural environment and biodiversity. By working together, sharing expertise and pooling resources, program objectives can be delivered far more effectively than through individual efforts.

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The CLP supports the next generation of leaders to conserve the worlds most threatened species, sites and habitats; engage local communities in the process; and develop an understanding of the links between biodiversity conservation, global climate change and increasing demands for resources.

To advance this mission, the CLP has the following key objectives:

  • Identify, train and mentor future conservation leaders
  • Support practical conservation projects that address priority issues, deliver conservation results and build local capacity
  • Facilitate a global network to support continued professional development, promote collaboration and ensure long-term sustainability

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The CLP focuses on building the skills and capabilities of emerging conservation leaders by providing grants, training and networking opportunities. The CLP encourages a multidisciplinary approach to conservation and enables young people to contribute meaningfully to national conservation agendas in their home countries, as well as interact at an international scale.

For more information visit the Conservation Leadership Programme website.

The ‘Andean Cats and Puna Biodiversity’ project in Argentina has received one of two top Conservation Leadership Awards for 2009.
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